About the course

In the Bachelor of Design in Photography, students learn how to create outstanding images linked to the sociocultural context that drives contemporary visual culture.

With the rapid evolution of the photographic medium due to digital and mobile technologies, images are situated in particular contexts, whether social, cultural or political. In design studios students learn how to recognise these contexts, and use and reinterpret them for their own creative work.

Students apply this understanding to the art of image making, under the guidance of expert staff, using world-standard equipment and facilities. These include darkrooms, specialist colour-managed computer labs and fully equipped photographic studios. Equipment is constantly upgraded to ensure that students only work with the best and latest devices.

Throughout their studies, students have the unique opportunity to collaborate with other disciplines across the university, including fashion, architecture and journalism. This enables them to both pursue specific interests and learn how to collaborate with others on projects and commissions.


3rd year and honours teaching staff:
Dr Natalya Hughes
Dr Cherine Fahd
Dr Sara Oscar
Todd McMillan
Simone Rosenbauer
Melissa Howe
Yvette Hamilton
Danica Knezevic
Isobel Markus Dunworth
Ella Barclay


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