Benjamin Robinson

Time, exposed, 2017

Time, exposed utilizes an analogue photographic process to explore the relationship between photography and temporality. This photographic series depicts the daily occurrence of the sun travelling from one side of the horizon to the other over the course of a single day.

My photographic project in combination with its processes mirror the ephemeral nature of the Sun’s as it appears and sets each day. The images are created with photographic emulsion and printed onto metal plates, recalling the aesthetic nature of the earliest pioneers of photography. But unlike a traditional printing process, the prints have not been stabilized by a darkroom fixing agent, rendering each latent image in a continuous light-sensitive state. This unconventional process not only places the images in a constant state of change, but also sees a material paradox as the images of the Sun become subject to decay at the hand of its most generous resource; light.


Unfixed photogram on stainless steel

Process imagery (11th September 2017)