Billie Baker

Peeper, 2017

The series Peeper focuses on the darker side of human nature and explores perversions within photography. Mimicking a Peeping Tom, the project documents people seemingly unaware, photographing through the windows of their private spaces, aiming to capture the obsession of looking in on someone.

Voyeurs photograph people oblivious of the camera. This series, highlights laws of privacy within the photographic world, showing voyeurism as the dubious act that it is, whereby people gain pleasure from watching others.

The project consists of an overwhelming number of small post card size black and white photographs taken from the peeper’s perspective. The subjects are acting their unawareness of the camera, staged in their living environments, naturally inhabiting their normal everyday lives.

The series pays homage to earlier modes of voyeurism before social media was available, and the act of physically looking through people’s windows was the only way for a peeper to gain satisfaction. The series explores and tries to reconcile our mutual fascination with human relations and the illegal act of being a Peeping Tom.