Bryce Noakes

Offset, 2017

Offset presents a series of black and white images that have received no editing and the scenes depicted have had no intervention. The works selected for this series share the qualities of ‘enigmatic energy’, as said by Dirk Braeckman when describing the indescribable ‘thing’ that leads to the selection of his works. This can also be compared to Barthes concept of ‘punctum’ which he describes as ‘ that accident which pricks me (but also bruises me, is poignant to me). This postulation can be explained as a deeply personal happening, which arguably accompanies the process of image making.

 Offset speaks to the notion of photography as a manipulative medium, not as something that creates a perfected or ideal representation of reality. Offset makes comment on ‘post-documentary’ photography and the current ubiquity and legitimacy of the image through the presentation of deceptive works.