Carolin Margi

The Song of Zahi and Eva, 2017

They are my parents. The ones who raised me.
Enriched with family, connection and culture.

Zahi & Eva, is a two channel video work that depicts my parents singing the first song that comes to their mind. The video depicts my father in his garden singing his favourite Arabic song, wearing the ‘Australia’ tracksuit and Akubra hat he wears most days. My mother too is filmed in the kitchen, a space that belongs to her. She is dressed in a traditional Arabic ‘abaya’ dressww. She sings a nursery rhyme from her adopted culture. In doing so, two traditions converge.

The videos speaks to my family’s collective experience of moving to Australia, their new life, new language, new cultural traditions and rituals, whilst remaining anchored to their homeland, living in two places at once.