Jazmin Pezzano

My choices/your choices/no choices at all, 2017

My choices/your choices/ no choices at all”, is a sculptural piece that aims to highlight the dichotomous relationship between indeterminism and determinism. These concepts centre around an individuals ability to make choices within their own realm of free will. Determinism argues that all events, including choices made by humans, are ultimately predetermined and induced by antecedent causes. Indeterminism expounds the opposite, describing that total free will is possible and all choices and actions are deliberate and not the necessary consequence of a succession of causes.

The work asks: are our reactions to these choices sourced from free will, or were they predetermined by all that had occurred prior to the ‘event’? Can we really build our own lives? In asking these questions the cube represents human form; its interior is occupied by image and word content that has consciously or subconsciously influenced the creation of the object itself. It is left to the audience to decide whether the creation of the object was a result of indeterminism or determinism/ free will or destiny, from the beginning of time up until this exact moment where you are reading this statement.