Maria Boyadgis

Moshpits, 2017

Rock and roll is like a painting.
Can great paintings still be done?
– Patti Smith

Moshpits is a still combined with video or “moving still”. The composition refers to ‘godliness’ in historical painting depicting the holy trinity of the Father, Son and Holy spirit but translated to today’s music scene and grunge culture and ‘the “trinity’’ of sex, drugs and rock and roll. The Renaissance was a time of rebirth: a movement away from religion and more towards science. Moshpits recreates the point of view of the artists from the stage and the way they might perceive the audience. This creation of a tableau demonstrates the behaviour of the crowd as a form of worship toward the band.

Venue: The Oxford Art Factory, Darlinghurst

Cast: Nikki Collins, Todd Denseman, Sean Foster, Jasmine Higgins, Rob Hinder, Todd Moore, Heide Schoiten, Meg Woodcraft

BTS Stills: Peter Sharp
Lighting: Dan Parkinson