Morgan Wood

Submersion, 2017

Inspired by my diving experiences, the images recall the embodied sensation of being immersed in the ocean. ‘Submersion’ is a series created by a combination of processes including applying petroleum based ink onto various surfaces, layered with digital images to reconstruct the ocean.

A lament, the work meditates on the dynamic relationship between beauty and loss in reference to the ocean. This series speaks to the detrimental effect man has had on the sea. Crude oil constitutes most plastics which continue to pollute the ocean down to a microscopic level, accumulating in our seas because of humanity’s chronic use of crude oil products . The forms of plastic used throughout this piece express the new chemically contaminated composition of the ocean.

Deeply concerned by the increasing threats to the sea, ‘Submersion’ reflects a movement of the once symbiotic relationship man had with the ocean to this state of disconnection and devastation.