Vasili Papathanasopoulos, 2017 (2017) feeds into, pushes up against and critiques the language of screen culture. The use of a green screen refers to the special effects employed in the media and the means by which the media seeks to transform bodies to make them look ‘better’ albeit constructed.

This is a feminist work. The work highlights the ways in which imagery specific to the female body is fabricated, making us believe that the artificial body is ‘real’. In bringing that which is usually behind the scenes to the foreground the work shows the artifice to be just that.

In this work I have deliberately chosen an unconventional body. The significance lies with the subject depicted, her form that is not the conventional form/model chosen in the editorial world. The work attempts to make her – ‘the untypical model’ – disappear, making reference to the way she is invisible in popular culture.